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Our Mission
We provide vision and philanthropic leadership to non-profit organizations and the communities they serve.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe the quality of life in communities is significantly enhanced by the presence of non-profit organizations.

  • We believe that a capital campaign is a defining moment in the life of a non-profit organization. It provides an opportunity to articulate the organization’s vision, to increase the level of leadership exhibited by the organization, and to become more responsive to the community it serves.

  • We believe a successful capital campaign depends upon a clearly articulated vision of the future of the organization, commitment to the achievement of that vision by the Board of Directors and by constituents, and a donor community that is informed about the vision and prepared to respond with leadership and significant financial support.

Our Strategy

  • We will assist organizations in articulating a compelling vision by providing services related to strategic planning, board development, and institutional self-studies.

  • We will motivate board and constituents to be fully committed to the achievement of the vision with strategic planning services.

  • We will inform and engage the donor community by conducting campaign surveys.

  • We will plan and implement effective capital campaign strategies by providing the full range of campaign management services necessary to achieve the goal within a reasonable timetable.

Our Team

Key to the success of each of our projects is the Whitney Jones, Inc. team. We have a full-time, professional office and consulting staff with a solid base of experience for consulting, and excellent knowledge of the donor base and communities in the Triad and beyond.


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